December 2011

Monday 5th
Opening of the Information Spot at the CAAC.
Place: The Psychoeconomy Container, near the Royal Pavilion

Thursday 8th
Internal meeting.

Friday 9th
Internal meeting.
Public Opening of the Summit.
Presentation of the publication about the Madrid Summit 2010
Place: Royal Pavilion Auditorium

Saturday 10th
Internal discussion and editing of the declaration.
Presentation of the Declaration.
Round table.
Closing ceremony.
Place: Royal Pavilion Auditorium

Venues at:
CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo)
Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de Las Cuevas
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Paolo Cirio. London
Basic Credit Network

Basic Credit Network is an Independent Financial Organization (“IFO”) that issues P2P Gift Credit Cards through the Global Basic Credit program. The P2P Gift Credit Card helps with all the everyday costs, and is a revolutionary way to create credit for relatives and friends.  The P2P Credit Card is issued for people who need financial assistance without being squeezed by unaffordable interest rates and fees.
Paolo Cirio has worked as media artist in various fields: net-art, street-art, video-art, public-art, marketing-art, software-art and experimental storytelling.
He investigates into perception and creation of cultural, political and economic
realities manipulated by new modes of control over information’s power.

Alessandro Ludovico. Bari
Face To Facebook

Blurring the line between hacking and art, Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico has created a new metaconceptual piece against large digital corporations. The project was able to copy 1 million photos from Facebook profiles and then filter 250 000 through a facial recognition software and post them within the dating site
Alessandro Ludovico is a media critic and editor in chief of Neural magazine since 1993. He served as an advisor for the Documenta 12’s Magazine Project. He has ben guest researcher at the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. He teaches at the Academy of Art in Carrara.

Olivier Schulbaum. (Platoniq) Palma de Mallorca

Goteo is a platform for crowdfunding and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructure, microtasks) for projects of various kinds which, in addition to offering individual rewards, offer collective returns to the development of the commons, open source and open knowledge.
Platoniq is an international organization of cultural producers and software developers, a pioneer in the production and distribution of copyleft culture. Since 2001, Platoniq carry out actions and projects in the social uses of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and networking are applied to the development of communication, self training and civic organization.

Daniel García Andújar. Barcelona
Technologies To The People

Departing from the confirmation that new information and communication technologies transform our everyday experience, Daniel G. Andújar creates a fictional corporation (Technologies To The People, 1996) aiming to make us conscious of the reality that surrounds us and of the deception of certain promises of free choice that inexcusably are converted into new forms of control and injustice.
He himself is a historical member of (an international point of reference in net art) and the creator of numerous internet projects, such as art-net-dortmund,,,,,, etc. He has participated in the 2009 Venice Biennale in the Catalan pavilion.

Gustavo Romano. Madrid
Time Notes

The Time Notes project comprises a series of actions carried out in public spaces utilizing a monetary system based on units of time (bills of 1 year, 60 minutes, etc.).  Offices have been set up in Berlin, Singapore, Rostock, Vigo, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, Madrid, Munich, Mumbay and even inside the World Bank building in Washington DC.  One of the services provided is the Lost Time Refund, by standing offices in the public space which are offered as a place for the reception and classification of time ceded on an involuntary basis, under pressure or for arbitrary reasons.
Gustavo Romano is a Buenos Aires-born contemporary artist living in Madrid who works in a variety of media including installations, actions, net art, video and photography. He was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2006.

Christina Kral. Berlin

YKON is a non-for-profit advocacy group for unrepresented nations, experimental countries and utopian thinkers. YKON’s key interest is the production and dissemination of knowledge about these fragile entities by means of co-operation and collaboration between the arts and all other fields of study.
Christina Kral holds a MFA in Media Art from the University of Pourtsmouth, UK and a Diploma in Visual Communication from the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart, Germany.  She is the founder of FabAgit, a platform for active, urban research and liberated thought exchange. Christina is a member of YKON.


The Corporate Summit 2011 is an initiative by PSYCHOECONOMY!
Directed by Gustavo Romano
The Seville Summit is sponsored by AC/E with the collaboration of CAAC.